Retirement Benefits

In addition to providing meaningful employment, McKesson provides employees with means to save for retirement by offering an array of retirement options that will contribute to a more secure financial future. As a result, employees can take a thoughtful approach in planning for their retirement needs.

McKesson’s Profit-Sharing Investment Plan (PSIP) is a 401(k) plan that offers employees a smart and convenient way to save for a secure financial future. Employee contributions are automatically deducted from their paychecks and may be made on a pre-tax basis, an after-tax Roth 401(k) basis, or a combination of both. McKesson helps retirement savings grow by matching employee contributions – 100% of the first 3% of pay contributed and 50% on the next 2% of pay, up to 4% of pay. The plan also provides a wide range of investment options, making it easy to develop a well-diversified investment portfolio.

To help employees stay on track with their individual retirement goals, McKesson offers a number of online tools and resources to help plan and save more for retirement.

The Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) is another benefit program which contributes to a more secure financial future. The ESPP offers employees an opportunity to purchase shares of McKesson stock at a discount and share in the potential future success of the company. Shares are purchased every three months and based on the period end share price and discounted 15%.